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Our Story

It all began with Elie and Anna’s unwavering affection for their beloved furry friend, Xena, a rescue dog with a delicate stomach who struggled with conventional treats. Determined to find a solution, Elie and Anna embarked on a culinary journey in their kitchen, experimenting with various ingredients. One day, they struck gold with salmon skin – a delectable, nutritious delight that Xena adored. And thus, our company was born.

Initially crafting treats solely for Xena, word soon spread among friends and family, igniting a demand they hadn’t anticipated. Recognizing the extraordinary appeal of their creation – a treat irresistible to dogs of all shapes and sizes – Elie and Anna refused to rest on their laurels. Their vision extended beyond mere taste; they aspired to create a treat that was both wholesome and sustainable.

Collaborating closely with local fishermen and farmers, they meticulously sourced the freshest ingredients. Through tireless experimentation, they perfected a unique drying process, preserving the salmon skin’s nutrients and flavor. As their venture blossomed, they remained steadfast in their commitment to quality, sustainability, and, above all, their profound love for dogs.

Today, our treats are cherished by canines nationwide. We take pride in our small-batch production, ensuring each treat is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. But what truly fuels our passion are the countless tales of dogs whose lives have been enriched by our treats – from finicky eaters to those with sensitive stomachs.

Join us on this heartwarming journey as we continue to spread joy, one treat at a time.


Our Mission

At catch your treat, our mission is to provide dogs with delicious and nutritious treats made from the highest quality salmon skin. We are dedicated to promoting the well-being of dogs by offering a natural and healthy alternative that supports their overall health and vitality. Trust us to deliver wholesome and delectable treats for your furry companions.

They realized they had stumbled upon something truly special – a treat that dogs of all sizes and breeds couldn’t resist. But they didn’t stop there. They were passionate about creating a treat that was not only delicious but also healthy and sustainable. They worked with local fisherman and farmers to source the freshest ingredients, and developed a unique drying process that preserved the nutrients and flavor of the salmon skin. As their company grew, they remained committed to their values of quality, sustainability, and the love of dogs. They now produce their treats in small batches, ensuring each one is made with care and attention to detail.

They’re proud to say that their treats are now loved by dogs all over the country, and they’re constantly inspired by the stories of how their treats have improved the lives of so many dogs – from picky eaters to those with sensitive stomachs.